We Care Project

Aims & Objectives

  • To undertake the formation of a Moral Regeneration System through the re-establishment of Values, Ethics and Morals within our communities.

  • To provide a support mechanism and give an opportunity for communities whose hopes for a bright future have been destroyed by poverty, crime, abuse, crisis or disasters.

  • To provide specialized programme’s and interventions that will significantly accelerate the urban & moral regeneration of the communities within the targeted underprivileged northern areas, which in fact are the backbone of our city and local government.

  • To Empower Communities through delivery of our services & support to the poor and destitute.

  • To act as a medium that will establish collaborative relationships between the Government, Private and Corporate Sector and the community. to ensure this we will partner with the Departments of Health, Labour, Social Development, Education, Public Works, Sports & Recreation, Arts & Culture and Moral Regeneration etc. This we hope will ultimately bring about a common understanding and acceptance by the community of the way forward.
  • To facilitate the implementation of Local Government's Action Plans thus co-opting good inter-relations between these communities and local government as they will be more knowledgeable and informed about the plan and involved in its progress.

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