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The Nelson Mandela Bay Metro is located on the southern coast of South Africa.  The total population amounts to some 1.5 million of which some ±182,000 people live in the Northern Suburbs (Bloemendal, Bethelsdorp and Gelvandale) of Port Elizabeth.


A 2009 research project assignment of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in the field of employment promotion through enterprise development in South Africa [the assignment links to the work of Social Enterprise Development Targeting Youth in South Africa (SETYSA) project], Bethelsdorp in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth, was one of three key social areas analyzed.  The report stated as follows on the Bethelsdorp communities


  • Bethelsdorp is predominantly‘ a coloured community’ which roots date back to the khoi-khoi living along the most southern parts of Africa by 1652 when first settlers from Europe stepped ashore;
  • Only 40,6% of people older than 18 having a Grade 12 qualification;
  • The employment level of all people older than 15 and younger than 65 years is 41.9%;
  • In Bethelsdorp 11.4% of households have no income and it is safe to assume that this would be a similar indicator of households surviving from government grants as this statistic was not available
  • Drug syndicates forms a strong undertone to the community daily living.  The 21% increase in reported drug-related crimes in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth in the last year is a manifestation of a much greater problem;


Other social studies have shown a need for child care, feeding of street children, HIV training and support centres old age care centers.




Daily our communities face some form of crisis, disaster or situation; this is even more of a reality in the underprivileged Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth.  Once of the greatest challenges in the Eastern Cape is the fast, continuous spreading of the HIV/AID Pandemic which has reached serious proportions of approximately 1500 new infections daily in the Eastern Cape alone.


Port Elizabeth has become one of the Eastern Cape’s cities who are greatly affected by this pandemic in particular the demarcated Northern Areas of the City because it is predominantly the residing place of the Colored & Black under underprivileged communities.


The community members are currently downcast & stuck in a perpetual cycle of poverty, sickness, crime and hopelessness and therefore do not progress but regress and are in need of bold moves to be taken towards poverty eradication, medical relief, un-employment eradication, crime eradication and TOTAL eradication of any ALL other known cancers killing our communities’ livelihood and hopes. I.e. HIV/AIDS Pandemic.


a)  Business Focus


We Care provides a ‘unique brand’ of product mix that caters for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and underprivileged communities and individuals, especially the victims of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic, Abused women: those who are in need of counseling, a place of safety, establishing affordable Crèches and Educare Centres, Rehabilitation Centre, Elderly Care Centres but our main focus is on Education & Training, Health and Wellness.


This will be done in partnership with various organizations, private sector organizations which will be complimented by utilizing superior technology, quality management and trained and skilled personnel.


We Care also working towards becoming a main source of supply in terms of Feeding Scheme, HBC, Distribution of bread and food packets as well as to establish a Senior Citizen’s Club in most parts of the Northern Areas. This will ensure that our poor communities are being served properly and regularly.


At first, will we serve all the disadvantage communities in the entire NMBM and will progressively expand to other regions and provinces in South Africa where help are needed.


Areas of Operation:


Ext. 21

Ext. 32

Ext. 36




Gelvandale (Ext. 5&6, Barcelona)


Location of Operation:


Presently We Care operates from a building called the “The Stepping Stones” situated in Extention 21, Bethelsdorp.  This building previously has been used as a One Stop Youth Justice Centre (for Juveniles) it has been vacant for 7 years.  We Care saw the potential of the building in 2011 and has approached certain businesses to invest into We Care by purchasing the building.  The amount paid for this building was R1,5m. 

This Project has become very successful and to date transfer of the building onto our name is done.  The Organization also formed a Community Trust in which name the building are being registered to.  The name of the trust is called “We Care Community Trust”.


Period of Existence


This Organization originally started in during September 2007 only as a feeding scheme, once a week and was officially registered on 12 December 2008.


We are now heading towards 5 years in existence


The Building:


b)  Business Profile


Our Vision:


A Service Centre of Excellence that provides quality care an support to the vulnerable and the sick, the poor and those traumatized by the circumstance life throws at them.


Our Mission:


We strive to be a living organism with the commission from God to raise up people that are relevant and relational in society, through health and social care, education and training and the introduction and facilitation of community development initiatives that will bring about a new society that is vibrant, focused and progressively seeking to witness the fullness of life in Christ.


Business Focus and Services:


  • Training & Education
  • Health And Wellness
  • After-school study
  • Home Base Care
  • Feeding Scheme
  • Adult Day Care
  • Senior Citizen’s Club
  • Hiv/Aids/TB/Cancer Support Group
  • Programs / Shelter for Street individuals
  • Elderly Care Centre


Contact details:



Business Address:  4-6 Koetaan Street, Ext. 21, Bethelsdorp, Port Elizabeth, 6059


Postal Address:  P.O. Box 17335, Saltville, Port Elizabeth, 6058


Contact Numbers:

Mr D Arends – 0725062159 (President)

Ms Y George – 0846184801 (Operations)

Mrs A Arends – 0767775018 (CEO)

Ms C Haigh - 041-4812189 (Registered Nurse)

Ms E Mc Kenzie - 041-4812189 (Human Resource)

Mrs V Porter - 041-4812189 (Office Administrator)


Landline and Fax: 041-4812189 (Office)

Fax to email: 0862432196

Email: wecare2007@webmail.co.za

Website: www.wecareproject.co.za


Banking Details:

Name of Bank:            Standard Bank

Acc. Name:                 We Care Project Initiative                     

Acc. No:                      243146256

Branch Code:             051717                       

Type:                           Current


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